Zootechnical Marketing

Zootechnical Marketing

Market surveys study and analyse the behaviour and decision-making processes of consumers and are therefore a precious source of information for the people who provide services and goods and must make marketing decisions linked to sales.

There is large amount of data on the Italian Zootechnical Market collected by public Institutions (ISMEA, ISTAT, EUROSTAT etc) and private (ASSALZOO and others). These data can provide information on the geographical distribution of zootechnical assets but they cannot be used to access information on the real commercial situation of the feed and additives market.

To solve this problem, Cevolani Daniele srl has prepared a detailed analysis of the zootechnical sector called
ITALY:  THE MARKET OF ANIMAL NUTRITION, General Aspects and leading actors (2015)".
Below is a passage from the summary.

Part 1: The feeding industry in Italy - general considerations

  • The Cattle sector
  • The Buffalo sector
  • The Sheep-and-Goat sector
  • The Pig sector
  • The Poultry sector
  • The Rabbit sector
  • Production of complete and complementary feeds: statistics and observations

Part 2: The Italian feeding Industry main actors

  • The main suppliers of feeds in Italy
  • The main suppliers of premix in Italy
  • The main distributors of raw materials and additives in Italy
  • Farmers acknowledged as such in compliance with law 183/2005

N.B. The file is kept constantly updated thanks to the collaboration with experts and consultants who have been working with Daniele Cevolani s.r.l. for years.