Developing new products

The Zootechnical Market is always looking for new sales opportunities for Premix and Additives. It is important to keep up to date with the Scientific Research and Innovations (less and less frequent during this economic crisis) that lead to new products. Very often these products have to be tested again in Italy, where the nutritional situation is very different from the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. It is also important to quickly include in one’s range of products the “specific and/or seasonal” articles that are used in certain climatic conditions or times of the year. For example it is impossible to forget the incredible demand for products that removed aflatoxins from contamineated corn the exceptionally hot summer of 2003.

Cevolani Daniele srl, with over 25 years’ experience in the formulation of Premix and complementary feeds, can supply all the support needed for the formulation and production of every zootechnical products.

Production of customised products (by Qualified and Certified Partners)

Customised products (Premix, Complementary feed, Complementary feed-mineral, Nutritional supplement) are produced by highly specialised Companies ( ) that ensure that the Quality of the products matches the original design. These Companies have all the licences and Quality certifications that guarantee the complete traceability of the products and the ingredients they are made with.

The Partner Companies can produce the items directly with the customer's brand (labels and bags customised). Their Quality Systems have been certified.

Food products and sub-products enhancement

Every day the Food Industry produces an enormous amount of food residues. The quantities of finished products (such as milk and milk products, bakery and pasta products) are often excessive and every day many tons of these products are available and directly used for feeding cattle and swine.
Food sub-products, if used rationally (by assessing their cost, their availability and how rapidly they perish), can reduce considerably the unit Feed cost without altering production quality or qualtity.
A well-known example is Okara, which is derived from the processing of whole soy to obtain Soy milk.

Validation test for New Additives registration

The registration of a new food supplement is a very expensive process that must comply with EU directive CE/428/2008 (May), which lists a number of specific measures needed to obtain the authorisations for the use of new feed additives in compliance with directive (EC) 1831/2003. It also lists the procedures to issue a new authorisation for additives registered in compliance with directive 70/524/CE.
The re-authorisation is required to assess if the compounds authorised (that have been on the market for a long time) can still be considered safe for animals, humans and the environment.

Cevolani Daniele s.r.l., in collaboration with prestigious Universities of Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences, can provide assistance to the Companies to register new feed additives, to obtain a new authorisation or an expanded authorisation for previously used additives.
Our Team can supply the animals and facilities needed to perform the tests required in compliance with directive EC/428/2008.

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